No. Subject Date
32 [New Publication] Yun, W.-S., Moon, I.-C. and Lee, T.-E., 2013. Entity Level Combat Modeling with Functions of Unit Level Combat. In Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) 2013. Orlando, FL. 2013.08.05
31 [News] KI Column [2] file 2013.07.26
30 [Seminar] Johns Hopkins University, PhD Candidate, Yongjin Park: Fast and Reliable Inference Algorithms for Stochastic Block Models file 2013.06.12
29 [New Publication] Moon, I.-C. and Hong, J.H., 2013. Theoretic Interplay Between Abstraction, Resolution, and Fidelity in Model Information. In Proceedings of the 2013 Winter Simulation Conference. Washington D. C., forthcoming 2013.06.12
28 [Notice] 연구실 홈페이지 중단 안내 (6.12(수) 17:30 ~ 19:00) 2013.06.05
27 [New publication] Moon, I.-C., K. M. Carley, and T. G. Kim. 2013. Modeling and Simulating Command and Control: For Organizations Under Extreme Situations. London, UK: Springer. file 2013.04.02
26 [New publication] SeHoon Lee, GeunHo Lee, and Il-Chul Moon, Impact of Relocation to City Commerce: Micro-Level Estimation with Agent-Based Model, SpringSim'2013, San Diago, USA, April 7-10, 2013, forthcoming 2013.02.08
25 [News] 문일철 교수, 산업 및 시스템 공학과 2012년 연구상 수상 file 2012.12.13
24 [News] KAIST 신문 "올해의 연구성과"에 연구실 연구 소개 [1] file 2012.12.05
23 [News] 이원성, 박성래 학생 "제10회 SAS 마이닝 챔피언십" 금상 수상 [1] file 2012.09.28
22 [Seminar] Old Dominion University Prof. Andreas Tolk: Engineering Principles of Combat Modeling and Distributed Simulation file 2012.08.25
21 [New publication] Jang Won Bae, GeunHo Lee, and Il-Chul Moon, Formal Specification Supporting Incremental and Flexible Agent-Based Modeling, Winter Simulation Conference (WSC 2012), Berlin, Germany, Dec 9-12, 2012, forthcoming [1] 2012.06.12
20 [News] SESLab participated in PowerTAC 2012 file 2012.06.11
19 [New publication] Andreas Tolk, Francesco Longo, and Il-Chul Moon, Making M&S More Relevant, SCS M&S Magazine, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Apr., 2012, pp 25-26 2012.05.14
18 [알림] 석사과정 이원성 학생, 관정이종환교육재단 국내대학원 장학생 최종 선발 2012.04.19
17 [News] SESLab received a best paper award in the disaster C2 M&S field. file 2012.04.02
16 [News] Prof. Il-Chul Moon is appointed as the Asia and Australia coordinator for SCS M&S Magazine. 2012.03.13
15 [New publication] Andreas Tolk, Francesco Longo, and Il-Chul Moon, Message from the Editors - SCS M&S Magazine: Spreading the Modeling and Simulation Advances, SCS M&S Magazine, Vol. 3, Issue 1, Jan., 2012 2012.03.13
14 [New publication] Geun-Ho Lee, Namkyung Oh, and Il-Chul Moon, Modeling and Simulating Network-Centric Operations of Organizations for Crisis Management, SpringSim' 2012, Orlando, Florida, Mar. 26-29, 2012, forthcoming 2012.02.29
13 [New publication] Il-Chul Moon and Taesik Lee, Review on Modeling and Simulation of Large-scale and Complex Disaster Scenarios, SCS M&S Magazine, Num. 1, Issue 9, pp. 11-17, 2012 file 2012.02.07