No. Subject Date
50 [Award] 한국인공지능학회 2021 하계학술대회 우수논문상 수상 2021.07.06
49 [알림] 박사과정 나병후 학생, 관정이종환교육재단 국내대학원 장학생 최종 선발 file 2021.04.26
48 [Award] 송경우 박사, 우수학위논문상 수상 file 2021.02.26
47 [Award] WinterSim 2020 Best Application Paper Finalist 2020.12.05
46 [Award] 2019 삼성디스플레이 산학협력논문대회 은상 수상 2019.12.13
45 [Award] KSC2017 학부생 논문경진대회 최우수상 2018.03.02 10:13 file 2018.03.04
44 [Seminar] 2017 패턴인식 및 기계학습 겨울학교, 변분 추론에 대한 문일철 교수 강의 2016.11.10
43 [Seminar] GMU Prof. Alexander H. Levis : MULTI-FORMALISM MODELING FOR COMPLEX STRATEGIC PROBLEMS file 2016.07.31
42 [Seminar] UNIST Prof. Jaesik Choi: The Relational Automatic Statistician System for Multiple Time-Series Data Analysis file 2016.06.08
41 [Award] Award from IE Frontier 2015 file 2015.10.13
40 [Seminar] Kyushu Univ. Prof. Makoto Yokoo: Theoretical Foundations of Multi-agent Systems: Distributed Constraint Reasoning and Game Theory file 2014.11.25
39 [Seminar] BNL Dr. Shinjae Yoo: Unsupervised manifold learning using diffusion kernels file 2014.03.31
38 [New Publication] Bae, J.W., Lee, S.H., Hong, J.H. and Moon, I.-C., 2014. Modeling and Simulation of Urban Mass Evacuation during Artillery Attack. In Workshop on Agents, Virtual Societies and Analytics, AAMAS. Paris, France. 2014.03.31
37 [New Publication] Kim, H. et al., 2014. Multi-Level Hybrid Behavior Model of Computer Generated Forces. In Workshop on Agents, Virtual Societies and Analytics, AAMAS. Paris, France. 2014.03.31
36 [News] 걷고싶은도시 2013년 09,10월호 file 2014.03.11
35 [New Publication] Lee, W.S., Park, S.R. and Moon, I.-C., 2014. Modeling Mulitple Fields of Collective Emotions with Brownian Agents. In AAMAS. Paris, France. 2014.01.07
34 [New Publication] Lee, S.H., Bae, J.W., Lee, J.S., Hong, J.H. and Moon, I.-C., 2014. Simulation Experiment of Routing Strategy for Evacuees and Disaster Responders. In Spring Simulation Multiconference. Tampa, FL. 2014.01.07
33 [Seminar] UIUC Prof. Jana Diesner: Words and Networks: Relevance of methodologicalchoices for practical applications file 2013.12.18
32 [New Publication] Yun, W.-S., Moon, I.-C. and Lee, T.-E., 2013. Entity Level Combat Modeling with Functions of Unit Level Combat. In Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) 2013. Orlando, FL. 2013.08.05
31 [News] KI Column [2] file 2013.07.26